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Welcome to Our tagline "macintosh rumours with common sense™" is our motto. What we mean by that is that we post news and rumours from the Macintosh world and try to put them into the bigger picture. While we're certainly not entirely free of subjectiveness, we often find other rumour sites to be a tad incapable of thinking outside the box, which is important to us, when we're scanning the information we get our hands onto.

We don't want to go as far as to say we're 'better' than other rumour sites, although you might agree that some of them often just fantasize quite wildly. We do that, too, but if we do, we tag those articles, so you can always be sure where we're walking and what we're talking about. (Wild guesses mostly happen in times of 'slow news' days combined with rain.) ;)

That said... Our interface is really simple. You have total control over what news you want to look at. Either by selecting 'home' (showing the newest articles only), 'this month' etc. from our main menu - or by adding dates to the URL, for example "" will take you to the news of the day I'm writing this - 3rd of August 2004, the day of the new design dubbed "Tiger". 'rss feed' is the link to our RSS feed, to which you can subscribe using a newsreader application (or Safari 2.0 in Tiger or OmniWeb 5).

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On the very right edge of our site, you see the options to support us: PayPal donations are always welcome, and there's the Google Ads. We're big fans of Google and Gmail, so you might see some references to those things mixed into our crop of Mac news & rumours sometimes.

We hope you enjoy reading our site regularly and thank you for your ongoing support!

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