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MWSF 2003 Rumour Roundup II

Curiouser and curiouser. ThinkSecret says: No new hardware (at all, but a hint of a tablet?). Bluetooth and 802.11g frenzy. iApp frenzy (and rumours of *pay*-updates to iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD?). It all sounds very strange. This must be the most anticipated MW ever. It seems like now, just a few days before Steve Jobs' keynote, the rumours are finally getting somewhere, but they all stray...

I wonder what the L.A. Times will write about MWSF and rumour sites (they've interviewed me last night and said the article would be in either Saturday's or Monday's edition). In the 'last-weeks' before earlier MWs, rumour sites tended to finally agree on what would appear (and then be partly right and partly wrong), but this time around, nothing seems to be so sure anymore.

If new iMacs appear (which we believe is true), they're going to be what our list said. Spymac adds slot-in drives to those rumours, ThinkSecret (in a large roundup list) says 'no', MOSR doesn't say anything, really and others join whatever side or leap to 19" iMacs, which I think is a bit too head-heavy (and isn't what we've heard so far). Some rumour mongers still believe new PowerMacs will make it to MWSF, while all others (ThinkSecret, MOSR, Spymac and us) claim that they will come about a month later (02, 03/2003).

The software lineup seems to be agreed upon, more or less. You can read our first roundup for a list. (fryke)

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MOSR: New Display Lineup

MacOSRumors added to MWSF rumours with a new display lineup:

- Entry-level 17-inch standard aspect 1280x1024 model
- 19-inch widescreen display, resolution in the ballpark of 1600x1024
- 20-inch widescreen HDTV display, 1920x1080
- 23-inch widescreen HDTV display, 1920x1080

While our own sources confirm the 19" model, the 20" model is in serious doubt, as it would cut deep into the high end display's sales. Apple doesn't like to have too many (similar) offers open, so we're going for a 17/19/23 approach. (fryke)

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