news of 2003-01-15

Several Tidbits... assembled several new rumours and tidbits today.

Apparently Apple has recruited the team from GoBe in 2001 (makers of an office suite for the BeOS).

Digitimes reports that Compal Electronics will produce 15.4" PowerBooks (they're also the producers of the 12" and 17" models).

MacBidouille expects the iMac upgrade round as early as next week.

And MacFixit reports that Microsoft is developing Office 11 for the Macintosh.

A note about this and next week: My time-resources are at an all-time low, currently, which could lead to fewer updates in the coming 10 days, unless we find at least one spare writer accumulating what's in the (background) news. So if you want to write for, write us a line or two... (fryke)

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