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Apple's Glass Is Half Full, Not Half Empty

Yesterday, Apple posted that they have lost 8 Mio. USD in the last quarter. However, they say, that's because of after-tax restructuring et al. Without those, it would have been 11 positive.

In an article at MacCentral (linked below), CFO Fred Anderson talks about how Apple will innovate through the hard times, to be ready for growth when it comes along. It sounds positive, but it's basically just talk. They admit that PowerMac sales are lacking, and they blame everybody but themselves.

But really, can't they see and admit? While the iMacs are a great consumer computer and thus do sell well, while the iBook is the best consumer notebook around and aggressively priced, while the PowerBooks are certainly innovative, cool and everything Apple claims them to be... The PowerMacs just aren't that attractive. Of course they still feature the great case introduced with the blue & white (or rather cyan & white if you look at them next to any G4) G3 towers. They have double processors alright (which they kind of must to be at best competitive in performance), but they don't feature much else. You can have a SuperDrive in a portable or an iMac, so you don't have to get a tower for that. The performance gain compared to an iMac isn't _that_ big, and the one year old iMac still is the top-of-the-line iMac performance-wise.

There's not been too much reason for the pro users to upgrade, really. All the things you can get from a PowerMac today, well, you already have them if you bought a PowerMac a year ago. It's time, Apple, to move ahead more aggressively. Yes, some people will iWhine about just having bought a dual 1.25 GHz tower, when you release faster hardware. But please, please don't be afraid of those.

We know that computers get old fast, we've come to assume that it's just like that. However, Apple has started to prove that assumption wrong in the PowerMac area of the last few years. And that's just sad for Apple itself. Bring on those towers! (fryke)

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[ written by fryke™ on 2003-01-16 at 08:39 CET ]
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