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iApps Eating the Small Ones?

That's the question the article linked below raises. And I've got a very, very simple answer to give.

Why was iTunes such a success? Sure, it's free. That's a big plus it has going for it. Yet, there's also one other point that you can't take away from it: It's a pretty good application. I have tried many MP3 players before Apple came out with iTunes, and I just have to say: It's the best I've ever used, and I haven't looked back. Ever.

Watson/Sherlock? I know, it's a difficult thing. It's political and all. But Watson _still_ has a big chance of winning this game. How? Include many, many more international services, and I'll buy a license. Sherlock means nothing to me, as most of its channels are US centric. And I don't want to buy cinema tickets for New York or Frisco, as they're quite far away from Switzerland. Watson? Go talk to internet services in Europe. And you'll find many more customers.

As long as Apple delivers software as cool as iTunes, I don't think they're using their 'monopolistic' power (in the Apple subworld of computing), because they're also delivering better software. (fryke)

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Rumors: New PowerMacs, iPods, OS X 10.3 and Dual Processor 17" PowerBooks.

Rumors are rumors, but Mac OS Rumors has a reasonable record of getting alot right. Right now they report new PowerMacs in March or April. This update is very likely to include Firewire 800, Airport Extreme and a small bump in processor spreed. Perhaps the PPC 7457 with the DDR frontside bus?

The upgrade to follow that one (likely in September as of right now) may finally include the PowerPC 970 with 900 MHz front side bus.

Mac OS Rumors also reports the likelyhood of new iPods in March, OS X 10.3 in September and perhaps dual processor 17" PowerBooks in the second half of 2003.

Lets hope that these aren't just rumors. (chm)

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[ written by fryke™ on 2003-01-19 at 18:07 CET ]
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