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StorCard Is Coming - When?

Several sites are commenting today on StorCard, a product of the company with the same name. StorCards will be credit card sized (really!) harddrives that need a reader which fits on a PC-Card. The media will come in different sizes from 100 MB to 5 GB. The lowest will cost just under 15 USD, which is not too cheap, as the price for the interesting ones (5 GB) hasn't been published. A card reader will retail for about 100$, which is okay.

I personally think that it sounds great. But I also think we'll only see the technology in stores this Summer. And I fear that the 5 GB cards just "won't be available just yet" and will come out later for a price too high. The product might still be an immediate hit, if 1 GB cards are cheap enough. Digital cameras with integrated StorCard readers sound like fun. Same goes for mobile media players like iPod or iPod II, although I guess Apple likes the integrated drive more than removable media for their media players. (fryke)

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Beyond Safari Hype has an article about how Safari was received in the Mac crowd. With a few quotes from big Mac site admins and the like. And a bit about the future. (fryke)

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