news of 2003-01-28

New PowerMacs and 20 in. Display

Apple unveiled today the new line of PowerMac desktop computers sporting a SINGLE 1GHz processor in the low end model, dual 1.25 GHz processors in the midrange and dual 1.42 GHz processors for the top of the line model. The dual processor configurations have 167 MHz bus and support PC2700 DDR SDRAM while the low end bus runs at 133 MHz and uses PC2100 DDR SDRAM. All models have built in FireWire 800 and support Airport Extreme and Bluetooth wireless technologies. Also available in the high-end model (or as built to order in the others) is a SuperDrive that burns DVDs at 4X. No changes were made to the case.

Also unveiled today: the 20 in. Cinema Display. The 17 in. display now brings up the low end and the 23 in. display tops out the display line. (chm)

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Opera For Mac? Not Anymore...

Cnet has an article about Opera's reaction to Safari: They're leaving. I have two things to tell them about this...

1.) It's a pity. Yes, with Safari out (in beta), Opera hasn't got much of a chance anymore.

2.) The Mac crowd has been waiting for an easy to use, fast browser for years. For some reason, we seem to have waited for Safari. It's been, I repeat, years in which Opera could have simply taken the lead in the Macintosh browser department. But the ports were ugly and didn't deliver enough to replace OmniWeb, IE and the Mozilla derivates. Sad to see you go, but: Bye, bye all the same.

Although I see the point that Apple is eliminating some third party developers with their own iApps (including the ones without an 'i' in front of their names), I also have to say that Apple delivers quality products. If Apple hadn't deliverd a good product, we wouldn't be using it. See it the way you want, but the fact that Microsoft got away with this quite well is helping Apple now. (fryke)

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[ written by fryke™ on 2003-01-28 at 13:29 CET ]
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