news of 2003-02-22

Mac OS X Evolves - Even In The Background

On his weblog, bbum writes that he's found an interesting tidbit with one of the latest Safari updates: Mac OS X' Software Update now finds the software it wants to update. Whether you have Safari in /Applications, in ~/whatever - the SU updates the software.

I wonder what happens, if you have two instances of Safari, though. Guess it'll update the first it finds. Care to try? (fryke)

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iPod Line Update On Tuesday?

MacWhispers tries its sources and says the new 10, 20 and 40 GB iPod models will be introduced on Tuesday at prices from 299 to 499 USD.

Our own sources claim that Apple won't update the iPod until Summer (iPod II), which left us gasping for a moment. Rather, our sources say, Apple will reduce prices and drop the 5 GB model, leaving the 299 USD 10 GB model and the 399 USD 20 GB model until the whole line will be replaced by iPod II. To quote one source: "Apple sees the 40 GB harddrive in the iPod II, not the iPod, because iPod isn't primarily a mobile harddrive but an MP3 player. iPod II will be a media player device that craves for more space. Apple is working with Toshiba for a Summer release of 40 and 60 GB harddrives for iPod II, while iPod 10 & 20 will scale down in price." (fryke)

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[ written by fryke™ on 2003-02-22 at 21:07 CET ]
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