news of 2003-03-05

SonyEricsson's Next Phone

You've probably heard it by now (and seen it on the left), the T68i is an old hat. While still the best phone you can get that works with iSync, SonyEricsson is introducing its successor.

Apple has been very, very silent about iSync lately. Whether that is because the mobile phone makers don't want to cooperate or because Apple is waiting for a _big_ update on what's happening - we're seriously left in the dark.

Apart from that: The T610 looks promising. A larger screen with better resolution, an integrated camera and (still) theme support. But is it enough to replace the T68i? Sure, it has some style, but what _more_? (fryke)

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Isn't there always a utility that you only rarely use? Very much so that even the slightest amount of shareware dough would seem just a tad too much? Well, it's been like that for me with PopChar. Every two months or so, I need one character. :)

Well, I've found a free alternative. You can get it from VersionTracker or its website (link below). It's a great free tool. (fryke)

-> Read more at: PickChar Website (German, But English Download, Too)
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[ written by fryke™ on 2003-03-05 at 01:47 CET ]
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