news of 2003-03-07

New PowerMacintosh Motherboards

MacWhispers posts a rumour about a new PowerMac motherboard being readied for production. No technical details so far are available, but MacWhispers promises to stay on track and keep its readers updated, which of course we'll also do and keep listening to rumours about that. MacWhispers suggests that usually, a rumour like that would mean a 3 to 4 month timeframe until we'll see a final product. In the past few years, Apple has more or less kept up the 5-7 months timeframe between introductions for new PowerMacs.

The next round of new PowerMacs would be between July and September, and this could very well be the time when first models with either a PowerPC 970 from IBM or a PowerPC 7457-RM from Motorola could be used. Both processors are to be released in that time frame at 1.8 GHz or more. CeBIT will start soon, and we'll know more about the PowerPC 970 from IBM by then. (fryke)

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Slashdot Down...

The mother of all flamewars has been down for the past two hours (or more, I was asleep before that) and is still down. Whether that's due to an administrative error or due to a hack, we don't know. If you get on /. or have an update for us, please inform us. (fryke)

Update: Strange enough, if you have direct links to older articles, they still seeem to work fine, only the main pages like or seem to be down. --- Update again: It's up again. Let's see if anybody finds out what was up... (fryke)

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Camino 0.7 (previously dubbed Chimera) has been released and marks the final official build of the mozilla-based Mac browser using the 1.0 base of mozilla. The development is now heading to use the 1.3b trunk of mozilla, which should lead to faster boot times and faster overall behaviour. In light of the recent Safari betas, this is needed to keep up the competition. (fryke)

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Safari 1.0 v64

The new build making the rounds on the web (not officially available at Apple) has extended tabs support (but still in the debug menu). The tabs now look better (the darker ones are brighter. And they have a nice rollover effect. Although v62 has been known as stable enough (didn't crash more than any other browser out there), v64 adds some stability, too. (fryke)

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