news of 2003-03-11

MacWhispers Update

An update at MacWhispers offers some news about their 'new plastic enclosure' thingie, which looks interesting. Also: The new motherboards described in an earlier post don't seem to fit into current PowerMac enclosures, so this might very well be a hint to a bigger update to the PowerMacintosh line this year... (fryke)

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Java 1.4.1 For Mac OS X

It's available via Software Update. Apple's Java page says: "Apple takes Java to the next level with the latest, certified release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, version 1.4.1 for Mac OS X. This release delivers hundreds of new features, performance improvements and unique benefits by tightly integrating Java even more closely with key technologies of Mac OS X. Still the only high-volume desktop operating system to ship with Java 2, Mac OS X is emerging as the best place to develop and deploy your applications." (fryke)

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