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ext2fs for Mac OS X

The opensource project ext2fsx (ext2fs for Mac OS X) has reached 1.0 final status. With it, you can read and write linux partitions that were created in this format. A disk image of version 1.0 final is available here.

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Stuff StuffIt?

SimX of posts an article about StuffIt becoming obsolete with Panther incorporating .zip-archiving. We tend to agree in some points, however not in the main point of the author: "But I believe that it's time for StuffIt to go. Not the StuffIt Expander application -- that will always be useful for unstuffing the wide variety of already existing compression formats. But StuffIt needs to be kicked out of the position of king of compression."
Quite surely, the demise of Aladdin's payware would end Expander (on any platform), too. And this would be bad for quite a few Mac users. But is StuffIt really obsolete? Panther's support for archives isn't very extensive. You can archive & expand. To .zip. That's it. StuffIt Deluxe offers far more options. However, if SimX is right, I'm doomed. I don't want to wake up in 2006 to find out that I haven't got a chance to expand some of my oldest backups that are stuffed. ;-)

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Some tips for further use of

The new backend for is an old one, actually, in a new version. When we've started loooooooong ago, we were using simple HTML pages. And then we've found blosxom, a simple perl blogging tool originally intended for your personal Mac. We found it so extensible (with a little coding) from the beginning, that we were using until we brought iCity up, which had an integrated news system. Now we're back using blosxom - and happy with it. One of the greatest things about it is that you can just add dates to the URL. Take a look at the main menu links at the top of this page to see what I mean. You can replace 'index.html' by '2003', for example, and you'll see all entries of this year. Add '2003/11' - and you'll see all entries of this month. As I've just brought back the archives from our old blosxom-times, you can go back to almost the beginning of (Well, you can go back to August 2002, when we've started with blosxom for the first time.) :)

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If you find bugs...

in the new layout of, please drop us a line. We haven't tested it on every platform and every browser yet (how can we, we're only using 3 platforms and 16 different browsers...), so there's a possibility that some things just don't work. Btw.: There's an RSS-Feed now for You can use the following URL in your favourite newsreader application, if you want to. ;-) -> (Something with the links seems to be wrong, so we'll have to take a look into it again, but for basic newsreading, it works just fine... Also: The headlines-links actually do what they're told. ;-))

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Weekly Roundup

In the past week, we've heard that IBM will release blade servers based on 1.6 GHz G5 chips in March 2004, we've read ArsTechnica's Panther Review thoroughly and seen Mac OS X 10.3.1 7C107 appear on Software Update.
We then started to compile our information on what's up for MWSF 2004 in January. To sum it up for you again:

New PowerMacs
Entry level 2 GHz single processor (PPC 970) PowerMac G5 with basically the current 1.8 GHz model's features. Mid-level 2.2 GHz model using two PPC 970+ processors (90nm process), adding FW1600 (same connectors as FW800) to the mix of features. The highend model will have two 2.5 GHz PPC 970+ processors. (The sources that provided information about FW1600 are not the same ones that brought the processor information.)

There are several rumours about new versions of iApps, however the most prominent one is that Apple will finalise their wordprocessing application based on TextEdit and Panther's new text handling features (i.e. Word compatibiltiy).

New PowerBooks are expected to be released at MWSF 2004, too. Depending on Motorola's ability to deliver newer G4 chips. Current expectation is that the 12" PB will receive a 1.2 GHz procesor, the 15" PB a 1.4 GHz and the 17" model a 1.6 GHz PowerPC 7457-RM. This information is not yet very clear, however, as Motorola hasn't spilled anything, really, about the 7457-RM since early this year (a delay). Bus performance will have an impact on actual processor speeds, too.

We'll keep you informed on the list of expected news for MWSF 2004 for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2004.

Speaking of 2004, we've introduced ' 2004' today. To quote ourselves (from the 'old' "We've finally found out why software companies name their new releases after years that are not the current one. It all makes sense. ;-)" In this process, we've also closed iCity. You can read more about this below...

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iCity is no more...

We have spent the last year trying to build a community on our forum iCity. However, this has been a drag. First: There just are too many (good and bad) Macintosh fora around the web already. I myself am co-moderating, and that's mainly where the news & rumours of are discussed anyway. For this reason - and to save some time and energy - we have decided not to have our own forums any longer. If you want to discuss our articles, why not do it on It's a great community, and you can always copy the 'story link' below an article to reference it. Those links are permanent links, so they'll also work in the future.

For those who helped on iCity: I apologize to you. I'm sad to see it go, too, but it just didn't make much sense any longer. *snif* ... Well: Let's head on. :)
Another thought about this: It also means that there are currently no archives of's articles of 2002/2003 available for public access. I'm sure that you'll manage without them. If I'll have to reference older material myself in newer articles, I'll just copy and paste the parts that are important.

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