news of 2003-11-21

Nokia 6600 reviewed. adds their review of the Nokia 6600 to their site.
The smart phone is the first Series 60 phone to use version 2 of the system software. Perfectly compatible with Apple's iSync, this is one of the most anticipated mobile phones of the year.
From the review: "The 6600 is more of an evolution than a revolution. In spite of this, Nokia's third generation smartphone finally performs the long-anticipated, proverbial slam dunk as a number of scattered improvements raise the overall impression to one of utter reliability and versatility."

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AppleCare for iPod

As reported by MacRumors, Apple now offers AppleCare for iPods. At 59 USD, it offers coverage for "iPod and its original included accessories (excluding the carrying case) that are defective in materials or workmanship or for battery depletion of 50 percent or more from original specification". More information at the Apple Online Store.

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Nisus Writer Express 1.1

Nisus updates its Nisus Writer Express to version 1.1, a major upate. Free for current owners of 1.x, the new version brings along many new features such as ligatures and kerning support and a language palette. Quoting their release notes about faster file opening: "We have spent significant time speeding up the file open process. You will find files will open up to 12x faster than in version 1.0 (actual results may differ)."
Nisus Writer Express has incorporated the old Okito Composer, which showed much promise. Nisus has done, in our opinion, good work with their Cocoa wordprocessing application. And, yes: It can open and save Microsoft Word documents, too.

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Jack into my iPod, hun...

WIRED News has the story. Although we'd call this gossip rather than news, it's nice to see the iPod creating new creative ways of communication. ;-)

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MacRumors posts "PowerPC 980 Roadmap"

... and finds it 'hard to gauge its accuracy', though 'information appears to be consistent'. The report - in part at least - confirms our own sources for the new PowerMacs of early next year. Read more at the MacRumors article.

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TIME: PowerMac G5 & Panther means more fun...

"Getting a Mac doesn't mean switching. It just means having a little more fun." Lighthearted, nice to read column. Show it to your Windows-using friends... Link: article...

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