news of 2003-11-25

Yet another Panther review

... this time by Sandy McMurray of 'The Globe and Mail'. He opens with a big error (putting the birth of Mac OS X to September 2000 instead of March 2000 (September was 10.1), but other than that writes nicely about our favourite operating system. ;-)

A hilarious quote from the verdict: "Finally, if you're a Mac user still clinging to the classic Mac OS, I encourage you to set aside your preferences (literally) and embrace the future."

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Panther Server review part 2

Computerworld's Yuval Kossovsky posts the second part of his review of Panther Server. If you've missed the first part - it's here.

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If you read comics online, this software called iComic is for you. There's also a nice introduction to it on MacDevCenter.

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Another "Video iPod"

This time from French company THOMSON. The "lyra Audio Video Jukebox PDP 2860" packs 20GB of harddrive space, does MP3, MP3-Pro, WMA (all audio) and MPEG-4 (video) at 320*240, can record off a video source and playback to a video recorder or TV.

While the resolution is not _that_ great, it's still a portable digital video recorder and player for about 80 hours of video. It is compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X.

While was definitely wrong about Apple's market entrance with the infamous iPod II, it seems that, albeit slowly, Apple's missing a chance here. However, as the market leader of digital audio players, Apple still can make sure to bring us a best-of-breed device that will not only do MPEG-4 at PAL/NTSC resolutions (at least for the video output, half the size for onscreen, maybe) but also pack more harddrive space in a smaller package (iPod already has 40 GB and is likely to go 60/80 GB in the next revision).

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