news of 2003-12-02

Suitcase X1 11.0.2

Extensis releases an update to its font management software that better handles Panther. Much better startup- and shutdown-time makes this a must-have update.

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"You've got a portable music player that can fit 10'000 songs on it? Come on. No one will spend $1 a track filling it." ... says the article. Ignoring the fact that an iPod can act as an external harddrive for backup purposes, too. Or that you can buy CDs offline and rip them to your iPod. Or that it's better to have a bit of spare space on such a device instead of having to select songs to delete. The article isn't all bad, though. ;-) ... Some more information about iTMS being near profitable (which is both a good and a bad thing, I guess... Good in that it's actually going to be profitable, bad in that the market leader is still losing money with its store.).

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New PowerBooks?

Not that it'd annoy me much, but I don't think so. MacRumors posts a 'page 2' rumour that new PowerBooks would be released today. Apple's online store's still up. ;-)

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