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Apple's new 'Academic Research' web pages

Apple has released their 'education' & 'science' webpages into the wild wide web. Talking about the "25 years, [in which] Apple has provided powerful tools to enable scientific discovery. Today, Apple continues to innovate. With the world’s first 64-bit desktop computer, robust cluster, and storage solutions, and thousands of scientific applications, scientists everywhere are moving to Mac - and with good reason. An open source, UNIX-based operating system, industry-leading hardware, and unparalleled price/performance make the Mac the ideal platform for modern scientific research." Take a look at the pages here.

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Video iPod - Some thoughts...

A job listing is making the rumour-sites' rounds. It asks for a person to help in the iPod audio & video development. Now commenting users are jumping the gun, going this way and that and get the most basic things about this very, very wrong.
For example: There is no way that Apple will promote ripping DVDs to an iPod. Yet that doesn't mean that you won't be able to watch movies on a future, video enabled, iPod.
There's also the ever-recurring argument that "I don't want to watch video on a one inch screen...". Totally ignoring, of course, that a future iPod doesn't have to have a ONE inch screen but could have a bigger one - and furthermore that you could connect such an imaginary device (as of now) to your home theatre or TV set.

But give Apple some slack here. Apple doesn't cater for the present. Apple creates for the future. Always has been, always will be. But what does this mean?

Introducing the new 80 GB iPod - now with video
This is just some thoughts, not really a rumour - keep that in mind, please. The basis for this, however, is facts.
The new iPod comes with a larger screen. The 2.5" transreflective TFT display shows 480*320 pixels in thousands of colours. And it's well connected. Put it in the Dock to synch with your iTunes, iPhoto and iFlix libraries. With 80 GB of space, there's enough for all of it. You can buy AAC encoded songs from iTunes Music Store and MPEG-4 encoded (640*480 for 4:3, 640*360 for 16:9 format) movies from the iFlix Video Store. But the iPod also plays MP3 and other audio formats as well as MPEG-1 and other video formats. [The iPod will not play DivX encoded video files, however you'll be able to download a DivX2MPEG4 converter from shadowy underground websites.]
The iPod's Dock will also connect to your TV cable, so you can watch TV on your iPod and/or Mac as well as record digitally to your Mac. The iPod itself comes with a S-Video connector that you can use to show your flix on a TV set or other projection device.
The new iPod also lets you watch your iPhoto library as well as your diashows (with sound from the iTunes library).
But even better: You can use your iPod as a presentation device with Keynote presentations.

While Apple probably won't make all of this (and not all of it at once), a video enabled iPod will come at some point in time. And it'll have a subset of the features named in above musings...

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Apple pulls Xcode 1.1?

It seems that Apple doesn't let users get Xcode 1.1 any longer through Software Update. No reason was given.

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Ugly hack for PowerBooks' fan problems in 10.3.2

In case you didn't notice, Apple has lowered the temparature at which PowerBooks' fans turn off, which leads to fans never turning off with some PowerBooks (mostly, the 12" models are affected). This might be Apple's answer to the heat problem with those models, but you might rather have silence (and more battery power) than cool hands. If so: You'll find a solution here. It's actually replacing two kernel extensions with ones from 10.2.8 (might also get those from 10.3, maybe, which sounds more reasonable to me, but hasn't been tested yet...). Too ugly a solution for you? Send feedback to Apple...

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Sorry: Here's the link...

... for DVD Studio Pro 2.0.3: Get the updater here.

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DVD Studio Pro 2.0.3

Ah yes. Another one. ;-) Here's the link. (2nd link down at the moment. Strange... We've got this one from Maybe later?)

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Final Cut Pro 4.1.1 and LiveType 1.1.1

Available through Software Update.

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