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MWSF 2004 Keynote Coverage

We'll be covering the keynote live here on the site and will install an even lighter theme for that time. It will auto-reload every minute, so you won't have to hit that button over and over again. ;-) We're looking forward to the event as much as you do. Happy waiting-time... You can test-drive the MWSF-layout at if you want to.

The QuickTime streaming link is back up (was up in December and then taken down again):

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GarageBand is 'in'.

According to this MacRumors article, Apple will definitely announce GarageBand tomorrow.

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MacRumors mentions that Philips' Stremium is coming to the Mac.
Even more interestingly, Cornice is now offering a 2.0 GB 'Storage Element' (MacMinute has a PDF document about it), which would fit a mini iPod very well (sells for 70$ in large quantities).

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