news of 2004-02-11

Information on PowerPC 970FX

Confirming our long standing information that the 90nm PowerPC 970 has been running well at 2.5 GHz (the expected top speed of the next PowerMac G5 in all of our 'next G5' rumours, such as our oldest mention of it), this article talks about "The Microprocessor Report Analysts’ Choice Award for Best Desktop Processor of 2003", that goes to "IBM’s PowerPC 970FX, which shipped to Apple late in the year for use in the Xserve G5 and possibly other still-unannounced systems."

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iChat AV 2.1 (Beta) one-way video chat

The beta, if installed by both parties, allows people to do video-chats one way. Good one! Now you can test iSight before buying it by chatting up someone who has got one. -- Update: According to a reader, this was available in 2.0, too, via contextual menu.

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Electronic News about 90nm PowerPC 970FX

In this article, they say: "IBM is about to deliver its very first volume production of an SOC on 90nm, said Reeves. This will be a design for Apple." The term 'SOC', which means about 'system on a chip', has Mac-heads turn their heads, but probably is no real news, as IBM already delivers PPC 970 chips to Apple on a mini-board. We'll keep you updated.

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One good marketing article about Apple & Steve Jobs

There are many, many articles about Apple from a marketing perspective nowadays. They're mostly badly written and "don't get the first thing about Macintosh". Or Apple. Or Steve Jobs. This one is better in many ways. (David Yoffie interviewed.)

One example: "If Steve had really been thinking in terms of the breakout strategy [about the iTunes music store], he would have started out on Windows and come to Macintosh later like everybody else in the world. But that's not the way he thinks. Just to put yourself in the position of anybody else in the world devising the same product, the first thing you do is make it for the 400 million market and then you do it for the 25 million market. He does it the other way around. I think that Steve has blinders on that make it very hard for him to break out of this pattern."
I'm sure many Mac-lovers will find this quote harsh and faulty and bad, but he does have a point. And more points in the whole article. Good read!

Another quote, this time about the continuing fascination people have with Apple, despite its ever-shrinking market share: "Well, partly it's the brand. And what does the brand stand for? The brand stands for cool, hip, cutting-edge products that capture people's imagination. Jobs is a CEO who has a flair for the dramatic, and also captures people's imagination. He is the rebellious part of the computer world. Like Bill Gates, he's another college dropout who is a self-made man, but he does it with much more flare than Gates."

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