news of 2004-02-12

More PowerPC 970FX (90nm) thoughts

... from TheRegister this time. The article can be found under this link. Looking good.

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When marketing people go too far...

"Install Spector on your Mac and it will record EVERYTHING anyone does on the Internet." - Last time I checked, there were quite some people on 'the internet'. But hey, haven't we all wanted super-powers sometimes? Can I sue them if their software doesn't show me the content of Steve Jobs' e-mails? ;-) (I wonder when they're going to change the description. Drop me a line...)

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NYT about iPod and competition

(free registration required to read the whole article) - They've got kind words for our beloved digital music playing device: "The iPod is still smaller, more attractive and more thoughtfully designed than any of the upstarts."

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-02-12 at 10:58 CET ]
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