news of 2004-02-16

ThinkSecret: No new PowerMacs in February

Among other stuff, ThinkSecret notes today that sources told them not to expect the next PowerMac G5 earlier than March.
For all we know, the new PowerMacs are ready since January, waiting only for IBM's official announcement (and availability) of the PowerPC 970FX. However, February is over in less than two weeks, anyway. ;-)

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Yet another Apple PDA rumour has an article about such a device. However, it's more of a column about market share with a rumour-addon... We go with Steve here, though: Won't happen anytime soon. The PDA market is going down. Smart phones are replacing PDAs - and if you've got an iBook, an iPod and a SonyEricsson phone - all connected through iSync, there's not much need for a PDA any more. Putting an iPod sized harddrive (as suggested by the article) in a PDA makes it too heavy and too big (and you'd want the 40 GB drive instead of the iPod mini's 4 GB drive for sure!) for a PDA.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-02-16 at 12:28 CET ]
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