news of 2004-02-23

Nokia unveils Communicator 9500


... and has the story.
Symbian 7.0 (Nokia's Series 80 platform) is used as the operating system, and the new device not only finally features GPRS/EDGE access, but WiFi, too! Here's the new sysadmin-tool. :) The official description from Nokia can be found here.

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Palm synching, Xgrid software, 10.4?

osNews has an article that talks about future options for Apple on how to handle PDAs, Xgrid etc. No news about Mac OS X 10.4 in this one as the title'd suggest, it's more about Apple's future OS strategy in general.

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Vertu's new mobile phone collection

I have no idea whether this one's supported by iSync, but if you're buying one, you probably have a personal human assistant that takes care of synching your address books, anyway. And I bet she looks good. ;-)

The Nokia-based handsets are made to be tactile and visual dreams come true. Using not only leather, high tech ceramics and sapphire glass but also liquidmetal alloys and stainless steel keys, the new Vertu Ascent costs a few thousand dollars/euros/pounds/francs, depending on where you live. And you won't buy it in your local electronics store - and probably comes without a contract. There's the rumour that it doesn't take prepaid cards at all. ;-) There's an article about it over at

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iTrip works with iPod mini

It doesn't exactly fit the iPod mini, but can be attached and used. You can take a look at a picture here and read the article here at

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Feedback weekend about Mac OS X 10.4/10.5

The article about the next big OS X upgrade generated a lot of feedback. It seems that the fact that some ex Be engineers now work at Apple for some time gives the rumour much more credibility than I initially anticipated. However, the source has not as of yet doubled with another contact.
We are still reading all of those E-Mails that have reached us in the past two days. One of them, quite interestingly, talks about how the new Finder could work with metadata the way BeOS made use of it (mails being basically simple files the Finder could work with, for example). Wider use of metadata has been requested by many critics of Mac OS X in the past, and it certainly sounds reasonable to assume that Apple listens to them. The possibilities of making use of metadata seem infinite - and we'll see (sooner or later) how Apple thinks about it.

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