news of 2004-02-24

A nice read (for Mac users)

David Coursey has written a column about a few of his latest XPeriences with Windows PCs. And he has titled it with the solution: "When Windows won't work, it's time for a Mac."

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PowerBook G5 thoughts

Larry Angell writes at that key components for a PowerBook G5 are ready. And indeed they are. We can also safely assume that Apple wants to release a PowerBook based on the PowerPC 970FX as soon as humanly possible. However, the chip would still have to run at a maximum of 1.6 GHz in order for the PowerBook to stay usable on the road. IBM's PowerTune technology will certainly help here, but with the constraints of a PowerBook form factor, higher clock rates can not be expected with the current chip. Whether Apple will skip this one and use the new PowerPC 7447A (updated G4 by Motorola at up to 1.5 GHz) instead is speculation. However: The question is not, whether Apple will release a PowerBook G5. The question is simply about the when. The 970FX is the first G5 processor that would be acceptable in a PowerBook, but Apple may want to wait for IBM to come up with a chip that can work at higher clock rates with similar power consumption than the 970FX now has at 1.6 GHz or lower.

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Apple releases security update

In your software update control panel. This one's about: "Security Update 2004-02-23 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components: DiskArbitration, IPSec, Point-to-Point-Protocol, tcpdump."

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