news of 2004-03-06

The History of the Mac OS

Can be found at It's a nice lineup. Mistakes I've found so far:

- Copland was codename for 'System 8', not 'Mac OS 8'
- Puts 'Gershwin' (System 9) as an effort after the Copland debacle, but actually Gershwin was projected when Copland still promised success. And rightly, the page says that probably nobody has ever worked on Gershwin.
- Rhapsody aimed at workstation and server market? Nah, Apple wanted Rhapsody as the Mac OS, really. There was a timeplan for Rhapsody Developer Release, Rhapsody Premiere Release and Rhapsody Unified Release (which would've finally killed the classic Mac OS). However, the final version of Rhapsody was Mac OS X Server 1.0 (Rhapsody 1.1, really) as the strategy was shifted and Carbon announced.
(Still looking for mistakes myself.) ;)

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