news of 2004-03-07

14" widescreen displays

In a short article, is reporting that several notebook makers will release 14 inch widescreen models this Summer. According to reliable sources, Apple is planning to replace the current 12" PowerBook model with a widescreen one that uses either a 13.3 or 14.1 inch display. If Apple wants to keep the price of that model lower than the 15" model's, the screen resolution would however be 1152*768 rather than the reported 1280*800 for the 14" widescreen displays is talking about. Our take: Replacing the current 12" PB model with a 13.3" (1152*768) one would make sense and be well received by the market. It also would more clearly set apart the PowerBook line from the iBook line.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-03-07 at 15:33 CET ]
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