news of 2004-03-20

Merging Safari and Finder? is talking about pros and cons (and is pro-merging, basically). While I very, very much don't want a more bloated Finder, there's one thing I would love the Finder to adopt: Tabbed browsing. Just think about it for a moment. I pretty much use the Finder as a one-window application already (column view), but if that Finder window had tabs like Safari, the Finder would at the very least have a point for using Brushed Metal, but more importantly: We could browse the file-system more easily. Home folder in one tab, Desktop folder in another, second harddrive in a third. Choose a file in one tab, drag it to the next and place the file where it belongs. Makes Spring-Open Folders even more useable. I'd like that.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-03-20 at 12:19 CET ]
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