news of 2004-03-22

Mariner Write 3.6, MS Office 2004

Mariner Software releases a new version of their word processing application with a 'slew of new features'. Mariner Write is one of the MS Word competitors. Up until today, sadly, none of those has been able to replace Microsoft's application in a really good way.

In a related note: Microsoft has released a preview version of Office 2004 (to magazine editors etc.). Reports are that the preview is still a bit on the 'crashy' side. However, Microsoft still has some time before releasing Office 2004 in mid-2004.

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That PowerMac rumour...

Okay, tomorrow's the day, according to's rumour. adds a second possible date to the long-awaited PowerMac update round: 30. March 2004. And then there's IBM's Power event on 31st, too. We'll see.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-03-22 at 13:23 CET ]
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