news of 2004-05-12

New 'Intego Trojan' for Mac OS X

Let's just call them Intego-Trojans instead of 'real' trojan horses, shall we? It's a program that looks like a Microsoft installer but isn't, actually, this time. That's not a security issue of Mac OS X (like Intego might want to make it look) but rather a case of 'dumb user' if he installs such files. More at MacCentral's article.

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Please give us an acronym or sumthin'!

I never thought I'd cry out loud for an acronym, but 'Wireless FireWire' is just terribly, terribly wrong. Sure, we could just call it 'Fire', but there's already something warm and bright that sort of earns the term for being, well, fire. 'WiFW' doesn't sound good either (and doesn't solve the linguistic or even mathematical problem). Whatever. Wireless FireWire has been specified is the news in this bit.

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VirtualPC 7 delayed

Microsoft's MBU has announced that VPC 7 will not appear in the first half of 2004, but rather in the second half. Sad news for G5 owners, who still can't run VPC because of that. According to Microsoft, there have been more problems than anticipated. You can read more at this article...

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