news of 2004-05-17

Apple updates Garage Band

To version 1.1 to be exact. In Software Update. From the release notes: "GarageBand 1.1 addresses isolated performance and stability issues, allows per-track Echo settings similar to other effects, supports loop libraries in other disk locations, supports importing unprotected AAC audio files in addition to AIF and MP3 files, and addresses issues with ReWire support, moving GarageBand songs between different computers, Help support, fixing the timing of individual notes (as well as entire regions), and dragging entire tracks in the timeline."

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Virginia Tech awaiting Xserves

According to this ThinkSecret article, Virginia Tech will receive their Xserves in June.

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osNews about Apple and the enterprise market

... or Apple's lack of success therein. Good read - and my thoughts, exactly. While Apple's server and client hardware and software is certainly up to the tasks, there just isn't enough to persuade enterprises to make the switch. And the most important point: Enterprises need roadmaps. Apple, instead, tries to surprise their customers year after year.

While we might all agree that Microsoft takes much too long with Longhorn, and that this is a chance for Apple, at least Microsoft tells businesses more or less what's going to come. On the Apple side of this ocean, we have no real idea of what Tiger (and Tiger Server) is going to be like. And we have even less of an idea on what the step after that will be like. We just know that Steve said that Mac OS X was going to be the basis for 'the next decade' - and he said that in 2000 without ever mentioning it again. Read the article here.

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Computerworld compares 12" PowerBook to iBooks

Mainly to the 14" 'highend' iBook, which (if you add an AirPort card) costs more or less the same in the US. You can read the comparison article here..
As _I_ would, the author mentions that it's just a bit difficult to choose from these models.

Now let me choose for you. ;-) ... If your budget is tight, get the 12" iBook. It's a great value for the money. No SuperDrive, but apart from that it's good enough for most things. With that 'display enabler', you can even hook up a second monitor and work on two desktops at the same time.
If you want a SuperDrive, I'd go straight to the 12" PowerBook. The 14" iBook is too big and heavy for what you get in screen resolution (1024*768, just like the 12" iBook and PowerBook).
And if you want a bigger screen, you'll want the 15" model. It's really the perfect mix of display resolution, speed and mobility. The 17" is rather a replacement for people's Cubes, i.e. not really portable - but a sexy silent desktop.

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