news of 2004-05-18

And then: Mac OS X 10.3.4 7H58

Always the same. Say something - and Apple does something. ;-) ADC Select & Premier members have access to build 7H58 of 10.3.4 now.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-05-18 at 22:14 CET ]
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The future PDA will know where I left my carkeys

This message (German) talks about a system with neuronal networking technology that is shown items. It then learns them and will remember where it has last seen them. So, I'm thinking. A really personal digital assistant will - of course - have to remember the stuff I'm constantly forgetting, just like a really non-digital personal assistant has to. This is great. Now what was the URL of the server I have to save this article to? ;-)
In other "no-news": Apple hasn't seeded another build of Mac OS X 10.3.4 so far. The next one is expected this week, however, with a release of 10.3.4 within two weeks after that.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-05-18 at 18:52 CET ]
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I don't usually do this...

... but this is just too stupid - so I have to mention it. There's someone on slashdot asking for help. He wants to travel and take notes while at it. He used to take a paper notebook with him, but that's too uncomfortable for him now. But: He doesn't want a notebook/tablet/PDA, rather something like a (!) clock radio with USB and keyboard. Huh?! Here's the link to the discussion. - A certain amount of people give advice that is only logical (i.e.: do use a PDA, because they're not that expensive - and you can buy used: Alpha Smart, Apple eMate 300, Palms with keyboards etc.). And then, of course, a couple hundred messages that state that the original question is just stupid.

However, the whole thing has one point going for it: People talk about how to take notes while traveling. And I'm quite sure that there are travels where an iBook or PowerBook isn't your best companion (lack of power outlets in certain regions etc.). My question now is this one: Has any of my readers ever travelled with an iPod and a microphone for it? It seems like a nice way to take notes. And if you want to write a book after your trip, listening to your own voice while writing can be, I guess, quite normal. A bit like loud thinking... And: Much nicer than trying to read what your freezing hand wrote into that wet paper notebook, too. ;-)

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Opera releases version 6.20 for Series 60 phones

I know, I know. I've been bashing Opera's Mac browser in the past. And believe me, I'll continue to do so. But! Their browser for Nokia's Series 60 platform is the best thing I've ever seen on that platform. It, basically, puts the web in your mobile phone. The new version has some nice new features and: If you've got a Nokia 6600 in basically any part of the world (except the USA, afaik), you've already got a license for the browser (version 6.10). You can update to 6.20 without any problems at all. Just make sure that installing replaces the old version and that you install on the MMC instead of the internal memory (because of memory issues rather than registration issues).
In Opera's words: "Make sure you choose the version for Nokia 6600 and not 3650/7650/N-Gage. When you install this on the new MMC it will pick up the registration info from the previous installation of Opera and continue to be a full version. The process is automatic.
If you have to replace your phone, but keep the original MMC, Opera will no longer be registered. This happens because the registration code is locked to the IMEI of your old phone. All Nokia service centers have information on how to generate a new registration code for Opera. You have to provide them with both the old and new IMEI numbers."
- You can find all this information, download link and more at this Opera forum page.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-05-18 at 01:38 CET ]
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