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Prosumer report: Maxtor One Touch FW Harddrive

Today I woke up and thought: "Hey, my external 60 GB harddrive is only as big as my internal 60 GB drive. How am I going to backup AND archive with this?" - So I went to the Media Markt to buy a 160 GB drive. And came back with a Maxtor One Touch 200 GB FW/USB-2 harddrive. I didn't care about the 'one touch', as I thought it'd only be Windows compatible anyway. But I was wrong.
The product includes Retrospect Express. - And it backs up what you want on the touch of the one prominent button that also serves as a blue LED process indicator. Which means it blinks. But the really, really good thing about it is: It just works as promised. The last time I've bought a product this good was, well, when I bought the PowerBook. ;-)

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They've tested the mobile graphics card in a PC notebook, but comparing it to desktop ATi cards is still a test that can also be important for users of new PowerBooks (such as myself). It seems like the "M11" is comparable to the desktop 9600XT, which also was kind of the 'father' to this mobile graphics card. Sadly, the test does not compare it to its predecessor, the ATi Mobility Radeon 9600, which was used in the previous PowerBook generation. (Of course, there's always Tom's Hardware's extensive review of the new card, which also takes the previous model into the comparison.)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-05-25 at 11:47 CET ]
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