news of 2004-06-03

An Ex-Microsoftie about missing opportunities

... and a probable demise of Microsoft. It's quite an interesting read, too. And the writer, Jeff Reifman, who left Microsoft in 1999, was fed up with MS when he tried Outlook 2003. He now uses a PowerMac G5 and Panther. And he sees how things should be. ;-) Read the article at SeattleWeekly here.

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iTrip mini, 60 GB 1.8" drives etc.

Griffin has announced the iTrip mini, and infoworld says Toshiba is ready to ship 60 GB drives (fitting the 'normal' iPod) in July/August. However, Toshiba hasn't released a press release as it seems. Everyone around the web is just repeating what infoworld says...
And then there's that "page 2" rumour talking about a PowerBook G5/2.2 GHz at WWDC. Actually, it's just someone posting to someone's mailing list. That's the kind of rumours we were lucky not to have seen lately. ;-)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-06-03 at 01:10 CET ]
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