news of 2004-06-07

Security Update 2004-06-07

Apple fixes the latest security issues with Mac OS X through Software Update. (ca. 1.3 MB)

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Jobs unveils 'AirPort Express'

(featuring 'AirTunes') ... which not only acts as a 'portable AirPort Extreme Base Station' but also connects users' home stereo to iTunes libraries. Sounds good. ;-) -> Link at

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iPod mini 5 GB?

Seagate is about to announce a 1" harddrive with 5 GB capacity. Apple could make use of these (slightly) bigger harddrives in a revision of the iPod mini. Hitachi, Cornice and Magicstor are the current options in 1" drives, and they all only go up to 4 GB so far (4.4 GB for Magicstor). However, 6 and 10 GB 1" drives are expected for the end of this calendar year - and it would certainly make more sense for the iPod mini to go directly to 10 GB instead of such a mini-move.

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Confirmation: iTMS Europe June 15th notes that a special event in London will take place on the 15th. The slogan to go with the event: "The biggest story in music is about to get even bigger." The event starts at 11.00h, which is noon for us in CET. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for a Swiss iTMS, though. We'll see. ;-)

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Steve Jobs remains richest man in Silicon Valley

according to this Mercury News article. Quote: "The executive who topped the list last year, though, did it without exercising a single option: Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs."

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'State of the Rumours III' for WWDC 2004

You'll find SotR II for WWDC 2004 here and
SotR I for WWDC 2004 here.

Mac OS X 10.4, code-named "Tiger", will be introduced as a preview version.

New Macs
We'll see new PowerMacs at up to 3.0 or 3.2 GHz (different rumours). Also, an iMac G5 has been rumoured lately.

New iPods
60 GB iPods have been widely rumoured, since Toshiba is introducing such a 1.8" drive soon.

PowerBook G5
New PowerBooks are expected in Autumn, not Summer, according to our sources.

I won't reiterate the other things (the not so credible rumours), but I'll add that some of the above rumours might even appear before WWDC. A recent PowerPage article talks about a special announcement this week, and an iTMS Europe on 2004-06-15 has been rumoured.

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