news of 2004-06-10

250 Mio. QuickTime 6.x copies downloaded

... and I'm very sure that I myself have downloaded it more than five times. *cough*... Well, I don't think Apple could in any way decide who's downloaded it more than once - and competitors aren't going to do that either for their software - so the number 'counts'. Just don't try and imagine 250'000'000 QuickTime 6 users, as that number would quite certainly be wrong. Also, because QT6 is now bundled with the iTunes for PCs download.

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Everyone's a manager again (AirTunes speculation worldwide)

Yep. Apple has once more brought something very, very simple to market - and the heads of many wannabe-Apple managers are keen to speculate what's coming. If those articles were to be true, we'd see a WiFi enabled iPod this Summer, then a highend version of the AirPort Express with an integrated harddrive and display and then an even more advanced one that also streams video to your home cinema as well as Bluetooth remote controls. But let's keep it cool, shall we?

Apple has released AirPort Express and AirTunes enabled iTunes 4.6. They want to actually sell some of those AirPort Express stations, so don't expect an updated or higher end version anytime soon. A WiFi-enabled iPod would sure be fun, but you can already use iTrip to stream to your stereo without WiFi or just hook up your iPod directly to your stereo, so there's not as much need for a WiFi enabled iPod, really. Also: You might synch such an iPod with your Mac, albeit very slowly, which isn't exactly what users want. Also: You'd still have to charge your iPod via a cable of some sort.

Also, there already are plenty of Bluetooth remotes out there. They're called Bluetooth enabled mobile phones or smartphones or Palm devices using a software called Salling Clicker, which does iTunes remote very easily and also does a lot, lot more.

Yet, Apple cleary moves deeper into the 'digital hub' strategy with AirPort Express and AirTunes. And one day we just might see that 'iBox' which has been rumoured several times with several names. But it might turn 2005 or 2006 until we actually see it. And then it will probably something like the AirPort Express, with a highly extended feature set: Video streaming (MPEG-4/AAC only or also DVD?), iPhoto shows, Keynote presentations etc. But: No harddrive. Why, you might ask, no harddrive... And the answer is very, very simple: Apple wants the Mac to be the center of the digital lifestyle. Apple wants the Mac to be your digital hub. Just like Steve Jobs always said. (Of course you can still rip your DVD/HD-recorder's recordings to MPEG-4/AAC on your computer.)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-06-10 at 13:06 CET ]
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