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'State of the Rumours IV' for WWDC 2004

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As we near Steve Jobs' WWDC 2004 keynote address, the "plot thickens", as some say. Well, actually it's become much thinner in the recent past. The new PowerMacs have been announced 'early', but as we all know, they don't deliver what Steve promised a year ago. They're still viable solutions for the next five months, it seems.
We haven't heard too much about Tiger yet, but it's still clear that WWDC attendees will take a set of CDs with them: Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" Preview. As the conference is developer-centric, much of the time Steve will spend on the stage will be spent laying out what Tiger will bring - and with that, what Xcode 1.5 will bring. (Read our recent article about Xcode 1.5.)
After last week's special iTunes Europe show, we're not so sure Apple is ready to unveil the new iPods with 60 GB harddrives. Instead, Apple might introduce them (and also a new, even cheaper 2/2.5 GB iPod mini model) later this Summer without much hoopla. However: Steve has used last year's WWDC to unveil the PowerMacs, which are not entirely 'developer-centric', either, so there's still a chance.
New PowerBooks (G4 MPC 7448, probably) will be unveiled at AppleExpo Paris this year, according to rumours. And no: We won't see an Apple PDA or tablet device - nor an Apple 'iBox' set-top box. If so, I'll buy one (better than eating the paper I'm writing this article on, since it's a PowerBook instead of paper...).
Btw.: The link for the WWDC-keynote stream is not yet known. We'll inform you as soon as we've got it.

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