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Wrapping up WWDC Keynote Live Report...

Gotta say: Tiger sounds interesting. As Apple has said a few weeks ago, the development speed is going down a bit. No more upgrades every year, rather, we're seeing 1.5 years right now. Whether we'll end up with a two-year strategy remains to be seen. However: We _wonder_ whether next year's WWDC will be the place to show the successor of Tiger (since WWDC will probably be about the time when Tiger's actually released...).
And now begins the time of Alpha/Beta reports, of course. We'll keep you informed about Tiger in the future. We hope you've enjoyed the stay on our site today and will report later on or tomorrow, depending on the flow of information about Tiger in the following hours.
The automatic refresh of this page has, of course, been removed by now.

You'll find a lot of information with screenshots of Tiger at Especially, look at the page about Spotlight, which shows Tiger's interface enhancements.
And information about the new displays at:

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WWDC Keynote Live Report

(You'll find the newest information at the bottom of this article. Read as you would.)

  • We have several live sources for our live report. Two persons are reporting from the keynote with iChat, two others, including myself, are scanning several other live transcripts for additional information.
  • The Apple Online Store (UK and Switzerland) is now down, which probably means new products. However, the US Apple Online Store is still up, so... (?) [US store went down when the 30" display was announced...]
  • Keynote is about to start. People are sitting down now. Tension - at least for our partners over there - is tangible.
  • Communication devices are asked to be turned off. However, we'll try to stay in contact with our informants.
  • 19.00 CET. Time to start. Officially... Music is still playing.
  • 3'500 attendees. 17% more than last year.
  • iTunes, AirTunes, AirPort Express, iPod/BMW integration... We'll report more when there's _news_ to report. ;-)
  • Steve addresses the 3 GHz promise. The expected excuses. "We're still doing good."
  • New Displays: New 23" display. Aluminum. Steve's showing it. New 20" display 1299$, new 23" display 1999$. New 30" display, 2560*1600, only works with G5 PowerMac, because of a new nVidia graphics card. Two DVI adapters. 599$ (the graphics card, that is). All displays have one cable that splits to DVI, FireWire and USB 2.0. 30" display is 3299$.
  • On to Mac OS X. 12 mio people using it. Half of the installed base. 12'000 native apps.
  • MS Office 2004 is great. Maya Unlimited coming to Mac at the end of Summer. 25% of Maya sales on Mac.
  • More application developers are being discussed.
  • Even more of that. The interesting stuff will follow, we hope.
  • Tiger Info... Tiger ships in first half of 2005.
  • Over 150 new features (*cough* or enhanced features...). Some are 'groundbreaking'. Making fun of Microsoft's Longhorn with the banners in the lobby you probably already saw in recent days. "Redmond, we have a problem..." etc.
  • 64bit UNIX.
  • Better SMP support.
  • "Spotlight" search technology. Metadata like iTunes' incorporated into the Finder, or rather, the entire system.
  • (We were right, we were right, we were right about Tiger bringing metadata. ;-)) You can use the spotlight technology to search in Mail, Addressbook, iCal etc.
  • System Preferences. Top bar removed, uses spotlight technology, i.e. a search field lets you find what sysprefs you're looking for.
  • Spotlight is system wide and extensible to (all?) applications, works with most current applications. Magnifying glass button in the top right corner of the screen becomes a search field if you click on it. Popdown list of images, mail, contacts etc.
  • Full indexing of contents (text, PDF etc.)
  • Next generation MPEG-4: H264. Very scalable. Frank Casanova is demoing QuickTime on Tiger.
  • Incredible efficiency of H264 codec.
  • Safari... with integrated RSS. :) (So Apple is now on to kill another third party app?)
  • Integration of spotlight and Safari's RSS. Aggregate news and search through the news for the things you want.
  • New basic technologies: Core Image and Core Video, doing processing in the GPU instead of the CPU. With over 100 professional quality real time filters - available to developers for use in their apps. (fryke: "Sadly, we'll probably not see much use of those features in cross-platform apps like Adobe's and Macromedia's applications...")
  • Steve's demoing Core Image, Core Video with a demo app called 'Funhouse'.
  • This takes quite a bit and is sadly not reproducible in text. ;-)
  • .Mac, better integration, better synching.
  • Dashboard. iTunes controller, calendar etc. Basically: A dashboard. :) Appears and disappears like Exposé at the touch of a button. It looks really like Konfabulator integrated into the system. It's extensible, of course.
  • Automater: Visual Scripting. (fryke: This was looooooooooooooong overdue, I think...)
  • (I start to wonder if there's "one more thing" at the end of the show...)
  • Demoing Automater. Categories of actions on the left, actions appear below when you click on one. You then set up your script on the right. You can link actions together, like getting images from a website and adding them to the iPhoto library and putting together an iDVD slideshow. Not that you couldn't have done that in AppleScript before, but now users have easier access to the great power of AppleScript.
  • iChat: Now on to iChat AV. Talking to multiple people (conferencing): 10 people in audio chats, 3 in video.
  • All attendees will get a preview copy of Tiger. As it's not shipping until 2005, they should keep in mind that it's still "early". Keynote is over: Nothing more to add...

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OpenOffice 1.1.2 for Mac OS X

You'll find the new version here. The 155 MB file also contains Xfree86.

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Tiger screenshots fake?

MacRumors has revealed some Tiger screenshots this weekend and has 'confirmation from ThinkSecret'. The source of the screenshots, however, is a known troll from Slashdot, which isn't exactly the kind of source you'll want for Tiger screenshots. We'll keep you informed. The fact remains that the shown features are part of Tiger, as far as we know.

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