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palmOne and the Mac

So they've got their new Mac Centre. And they stop supporting the Mac soon. Which one's true now? Palm has been supporting and skipping support for the Mac throughout the years, and it's always been a game of hide and seek for Mac users. Then Apple made a big step by introducing Palm support with iSync - but didn't quite succeed. Also, that solution still needs Palm's desktop software, so it won't support models that don't come with basic Mac support. The one solution out of this misery I see: Get a smartphone from Nokia or SonyEricsson that works with the Mac out of the box through iSync - and forget about Palm and PDAs, as they're not necessary any longer.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-10 at 13:02 CET ]
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Yet another "plan how to save Apple"

You'll find it here at BusinessWeek. Alex Salkever talks about his "six-step plan for Apple".
I want to add my own six points here:
First, Apple should bring out those new iMacs as soon as possible. The iMac should be again what it initially was: A self-seller. A cheap Mac for everyone. A 20" iMac? Hell, that just doesn't make sense. Why buy a computer that is old half a year later when the display's still new? Give it a 15" widescreen and a 17" widescreen and make it cheap.
Second: Now that the 'middle seat' is empty again, we need a 'consumer desktop' machine. A 'cheap G5', so to speak. Make it a single processor 1.8 GHz machine, for example. And make it well cheaper than the duals.
Third: Start to win with the iPod. Sure, it's already a success, but imagine how many you'd sell by lowering the price on a 15 GB model instead of introducing higher-end models that replace the current ones. Or: Do both. Introduce 'new' 40 and 60 GB models and keep a 15 GB model at a MUCH lower price.
Fourth: Release new PowerBooks faster. Give them 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 GHz over time. Two-month schedule would be fine. The G5 will be the big surprise, but enhancing the G4 steadily will keep the sales up until then.
Fifth: Embrace the home even more. AirPort Express is nice, but what the users really want is a home cinema component that handles all types of media, i.e. video, photos, sound.
Sixth: That 12" PowerBook is too close to the iBooks. Make it different. Make it widescreen 13" or even widescreen 12". Real small, real powerful, real PowerBook.
Or: Scrap all that (and also the linked article above) and just go on with your own plans, Apple. They've been good over the past few years, haven't they. ;-)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-10 at 12:57 CET ]
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