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I've been testing my gmail-account in the past few weeks now and can only say: I'm impressed. They're going down the right path with this one, it seems. There still are some glitches (which they know about), but they're probably going to be fixed soon. The interface is one of the best web-application interfaces I've seen so far - and certainly the best web-mail interface I've seen.

There are things I'd want in a final version. IMAP access would be nice, of course, but I guess Google doesn't want to allow this, since it'd prevent their ads to work, unless they'd translate every message into an HTML-message that included the ads... Doesn't sound right, somehow.
A different approach could be: A Google Gmail Client Application. Sure, it wouldn't be, but it'd work offline, too, which is my main gripe with web-based e-mail. (I want to be able to organise and prepare e-mail messages when offline...)

Currently, the service is in beta, and only a few (hundred, thousand?) accounts are 'live'. The only way to get an account right now is on invitation from another account-holder, and not all account-holders get invitations to send. I almost wish Google would keep it that way forever, as it makes the service somewhat more exclusive...

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-13 at 13:48 CET ]
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