news of 2004-07-17

Quite an extensive Sendo X review

... to be found here at TheRegister. The author uses a PowerBook 12", so he's a fine guy, anyway. ;-) ... We've been talking about the Sendo X over and over again (search for 'sendo'), but the smartphone based on the Series 60 platform just isn't available yet here in Switzerland (and most other European countries), but I'm told it should be available 'this Summer' (if _that_ ever comes, although today was nice and hot).
Nokia has used the time the X didn't ship and introduced the Nokia 6600 (which I'm using) and the 7610 - but both seem to fall short in a few areas where the X should shine. So: Bring it on, Sendo. (Do Sendo phones ever come out in Switzerland at all?)

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New iPods on Monday

And they're confirmed. They're going to be slightly smaller (slightly, really) and will resemble the iPod mini in design of the scrollwheel (buttons inside), which is good. Whether they're going to come in mulitple colours or only aluminum remains to be seen, though.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-17 at 21:22 CET ]
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