news of 2004-07-19

hPod: September

HP's iPod is coming in September. And it's going to be based on the 4G iPod now.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-19 at 15:39 CET ]
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And one thought about iPod's UI

I'm very glad that Apple has now gone back to the initial design of the scroll wheel with the four buttons around it for both the iPod mini and the 4G iPod. The 3G iPod's line of four buttons was a clear step away from the simplicity of the original iPod (and the 2G iPod, of course).

I'm probably in for a 20 GB model now. My music library has gone from 6.0 to 9.4 GB in the past two years, so that 2G 10 GB model does seem a bit small nowadays (and I hate removing songs, even if they're not that good...)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-19 at 14:57 CET ]
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As anticipated: New iPods

Pricing and everything was correct, too. 299 USD for the 20 GB model, 399 USD for the 40 GB model. The 'highend' spot of 499 USD is now free for the 60 GB model, which Apple will reportedly release in a few weeks. Info about the new iPods and here's the link to the Apple Online Store...

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-19 at 14:47 CET ]
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