news of 2004-07-22

Birth of iPod

WIRED takes a look at the birth of the iPod.

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Tiger's System/Finder

ThinkSecret brings us another instance of their Tiger reports. This time about the Finder and System changes, which aren't so many (yet), as testers of the WWDC build have confirmed.

Coverage of Tiger has slowed to a crawl throughout the rumours and news pages, mostly because the single build that's come out of Apple does not yet contain the juicy changes we're all waiting for (aka the 'lickable' menu bar). Spotlight is certainly the most important change so far, but this will change your life only if you start to actually use Tiger as primary system, which not many testers have done yet, as our reports show. This will probably happen with the next few builds. And then, more and more 'spicy' information will become available.

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iTMS Europe adds 3 indie labels

"Apple(R) today announced that it has signed licensing agreements with three of the largest European independent music labels, Beggars Group, Sanctuary Records Group and V2, adding tens of thousands of additional independent tracks from leading artists to the iTunes(R) Music Store in the UK, France and Germany. With three of the most influential independent record labels on board, iTunes Music Store customers in Europe now have access to an impressive catalog of independent artists including Basement Jaxx, The Crystal Method, Interpol, The Libertines, Morrissey, the Pixies, Prodigy, Stereophonics, Paul Weller and The White Stripes." - Full press release here. So, basically, all's well in the best online music store of Europe. Now let's have _all_ European countries up and running as soon as possible, please... ;-)

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