news of 2004-07-26

iSync 1.5 soon?

ThinkSecret is hinting at Apple's iSync feedback page, where version 1.5 can already be selected as the version used. Current beta builds of Mac OS X 10.3.5 still sport iSync 1.4, so iSync 1.5 is probably developed separately at Apple.

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Real's Harmony implications

Reading some articles around the web about Real's Harmony technology (for example this one), I can't help but notice that 'they' (the article writers) get something wrong. They seem to think that Real's approach might harm Apple. Sure, some iPod owners might consider (also) using Real's store instead of just iTMS. But what rather will happen is that users of the Real Online Music Store will consider the iPod as a viable digital music player now.

For Apple, the money lies in iPod sales rather than music sales (as has been covered very widely in the past), and Real's Harmony, which bypasses iTunes and probably puts an 'Apple MP4 wrapper' around Real's AAC files, will help extend iPod sales. People who buy iPods are very likely to also try iTMS (if available in the respective country) and might end up leaving Real's store altogether. We all know that Apple currently has the leading digital music player iPod and the leading online music store iTMS. So don't fear, dear readers, as this is actually good news, whatever those column-writers might want to tell you. Mostly because this time, Apple is in the position of Goliath.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-26 at 16:40 CET ]
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Real's Harmony technology: iPod compatible

Real announces that their technology dubbed 'Harmony' will let iPod users buy, download and use songs from the RealPlayer Music Store. This after Apple turned down Real's plea to support the Real AAC format on the iPod directly. Real's effort to support the iPod certainly shows how important the iPod is in the digital music market - and how the iPod's position of being the one most important digital music player will eventually be a real winner for Apple, with other players adopting the technology Apple uses instead of the other way 'round. It's just not necessary for Apple to support WMA or Real.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-07-26 at 10:39 CET ]
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