news of 2004-08-02

iPhoto 4.0.2

The 7.1 MB sized upgrader is available in Software Update. Or as a 5.9 MB (?) update here on

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New iPod mini competitor

Rio releases the Rio Carbon 5 GB player. Looking at it, I almost expect it to fold open to a clamshell-style mobile phone - and I'm wondering when we'll first see something like that. The Carbon is certainly a 'good' competitor to the iPod mini - and I hope Apple will come out with an updated version of the mini with, say, 6 GB space soon enough.

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iomega REV 35 FW drive coming

And it's aimed at Mac users, as MacCentral puts it. I personally don't see the need for a very expensive removable 35 GB harddrive solution, but that's just an opinion. I think iomega had a winner with their zip-drives in the past when they were about everywhere, becoming a de-facto standard. The jaz-drives already were much less of a success. Nowadays, iomega's offerings have been replaced by optical media widely, and for even larger stuff, 'normal' external harddrives do an excellent jobs. If that drive were at least able to sport USB-2 AND FW400/800 at the same time, that would make a better package.

For me to buy such a system, it would have to be the following: Just small enough external box with USB/USB-2/FW400/FW800 ports, so I can use it basically with any computer that might be in need for it; caddy system for standard 3.5" IDE (and all the newer variants like E-IDE, of course) drives with cheap caddies. I could then buy empty caddies as well as cheap (and also expensive/big if I wanted to) internal drives to extend that system. If the base system (including two caddies, perhaps?) were cheap enough, I'd buy two of them instantly. What do you think? Use the comments link below this article.

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Good Luck, Steve!

Steven P. Jobs had a small cancer removed from his pankreas over this weekend. Without going into too much detail: He's going to be well, expects to make much too many phone calls in his month off and will be back at the end of August. Good luck, Steve!

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