news of 2004-08-04

Toshiba's 60 GB 1.8" drive before end of year

If the statement by that Toshiba guy earlier at Computex in Taiwan is true (that Apple had already ordered the drive in large quantities), this could mean that a 60 GB iPod model for 499 USD is still 'doable' before the end of the year, now that the drive is announced for that timeframe. The drive is as large as the current 40 GB iPod model's and a one-mechanism version (such as the current 20 GB model's) holds 30 GB. Apple could therefore also replace the 40 with a 60 and the 20 with a 30 GB drive for the holiday season, which would be perfect for Apple (and consumers). This is, however, speculative. First, Toshiba has to actually produce the drives in time. Here's the link to Toshiba's pages about the drive.

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Apple pulls iPhoto 4.0.2 update

Apple has stopped delivering the iPhoto 4.0.2 updater both on their website and through Software Update. No reason was given so far, but it's expected that a 'showstopper-bug' was found and will be fixed asap. If you often use iPhoto and have already updated to version 4.0.2, we advise you to back up your iPhoto library now and wait for the newer updater, which should be available soon. If you still have to use iPhoto in that waiting period, at least you have a backup if something goes wrong.

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Reader Feedback

I want to thank all of you who wrote in to congratulate me on the new design of I'm glad to report that from all the mails I've got, over 90% were positive ones. I'm sure that some of those who don't like it didn't write me, but I can, of course, only listen to those who actually tell me something. ;)

One request I heard three times: Category icons. I'm not a particular fan of this, but let me put it this way: If someone manages to send me a .sit or .zip file with layered Photoshop files containing at least three category icons (layered so I could adopt the style for further icons) that I think perfectly fit's new design, I'll start using them. This is not a contest, there's no jury but myself, so it'll be very subjective. Almost tyrannic. ;) But if you're interested in styling those category icons: Send 'em over. The most important categories, I think, would be: Generic (for everything else), Apple (for general stuff concerning Apple), Mac OS X (for updates like 10.3.5), Tiger (a special one for that, yep), Mac hardware (one icon fitting iMacs, PowerMacs, iBooks AND PowerBooks), iPod, mobile phones/smartphones/PDAs. There are certainly more, but that'd be a start. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas...

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