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It's not started yet...

Those beta times, eh? Every year since Rhapsody DR2 (PowerPC and PC Compatibles), I've been following the development of the next version of Mac OS X. This year seems to be a bit different, though.

Fifteen minutes ago, I decided to give the WWDC Preview of Tiger another spin. So I did. Installed the build on an external FW drive and booted it. Importing my data from the internal drive didn't want to work. Not too bad, I thought, I'll just 'drive' a clean Tiger, then. It's a nice clean system. However, an empty system isn't much to look at, if you haven't got anything to do. After looking at both in HTML and RSS view in Safari 2.0 for a few minutes (switching back and forth) and looking at an almost empty drive with Spotlight, I decided to boot back into Panther, where I felt at home again. Quite clearly, for me it's been too long since the first build of Tiger I got my hands onto. I'm looking forward to the days of beta, but this build is not ready for me to dive into just yet. And then I remember that 10.3.5 7M30 isn't exactly final, either. So my beta-sucking mind doesn't feel too bad right now. ;)

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Mossberg tests BMW/iPod integration

... and finds it a tad less distracting than other solutions, but far, far from perfect. I agree, I expected more from companies such as BMW and Apple.

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Editorial: iSync - The promise, the problem

When Apple introduced the first iSync beta version in 2002, they managed to do what Apple does best: Provide a simple solution to a seemingly big problem.
The problem it tackled was synching between various devices like PDAs, mobile phones, Macs and iPods. There was, however, a second problem iSync addressed: Mobile phones mostly didn't synch at all with Mac OS X.

With every new version, iSync supported more and more modern mobile phones. However, mobile phone makers often bring out new phones - and users (at least here in Europe) often switch mobile phones. The current game is often that you buy a mobile phone that you think Apple could support because of a resemblance of features to an older, already supported, mobile phone. And then wait for Apple to release a new version of iSync with support for more mobile phones.
Apple, however, does not release iSync versions on a regular schedule and does not update the list of supported devices inbetween iSync releases. So right now iSync 1.4 is the current version. Supported mobile phones, I hear, are quite well supported. But the new Nokia flagship business phone 6230, for example, is not supported by iSync, although it offers Bluetooth connection and SyncML as the transport format of 'synching' - just like the supported Nokia mobile phones.

Now, what would be a better solution? It seems like Apple is too slow to keep up with mobile phone makers. What if Apple made iSync extendable and gave phone makers a way of easily adding newer mobile phones to the list of supported devices in iSync? I guess that could work - and pay off to Apple, mobile phone makers and, most importantly, the user.
For the time being, however, we're waiting for iSync 1.5, which promises, again, to support more and newer mobile phones.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-08-05 at 11:49 CET ]
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MOSR back (again)

Not that it's really that important, but Mac OS Rumors is back online after several weeks of non-reachability. The 'original Mac rumor site' has a pretty rough history of being off- and online, being right about some and far out on other rumours. Either way: My rumour-site tabset looks better in Safari without the exclamation mark on MOSR's tab. So welcome back. ;-)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-08-05 at 11:22 CET ]
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