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ArsTechnica: History of the PowerPC

Quoting their introduction: "To make a long story very short, IBM needed a way to turn POWER into a wider range of computing products for use outside the server closet, Motorola needed a high-end RISC microprocessor in order to compete in the RISC workstation market, and Apple needed a CPU for its personal computers that would be both cutting-edge and backwards compatible with the 68K."
You can read the whole, long article here at ArsTechnica.

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Details about Apple's quarterly SEC filing

Available here on

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It's an old tool alright (from the NeXT/OpenStep era, actually), but it can't be mentioned enough, I think. I've just used it again, and think I'll tell you about it while I'm at it.
ODS is a shareware tool that in its 'demo' mode is already powerful enough to serve its task: It finds the 'bad guys', the space wasters, on your harddrive. Fire it up, select a disk and let ODS sweep that drive.

What it does is: It scans your selected drive by directory and shows them ordered by size. At the top: The biggest folder (in my case, Users/fryke is the 'bad guy') and lets you go through it in column view, always showing the size of the directory selected.
This lets you, very easily and quickly, find the space waster files, and very often ones you didn't even remember. In the full version, which is payware, you can directly, without asking again, delete those. In demo mode, you just look at them and then delete them in Finder or Terminal. You can get the tool directly here on OmniGroup's website.

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iPhoto 4.0.3

... in Software Update. Seems like Apple has solved the problem, as we've anticipated, rather quickly. You can also get it here.

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MS Office for Mac: Get rid of those PDF icons

I'm sure if you've used MS Office v. X or 2004 in combination with Adobe Acrobat Professional, you've seen those PDF icons-bar that uses too much vertical screen real estate and _can't_ be removed normally. Thank God, there's a way to remove those. You just have to delete the 'PDFmaker' files in the subfolders of 'Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/Startup/'. No more additional PDF maker toolbars in Office. :)

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