news of 2004-08-12

Apple to open second Japanese retail store

on 28th of August. Read more here at

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iMac G5 info

Information about the next iMac generation is rare to come by, we can tell you as much. Reading MOSR may amuse you, but not really inform you. We've heard that despite hopes of people that the iMac G5 would be a big step forward in performance, people shouldn't get their hopes too high. The iMac will stil be a consumer-level Mac, clearly differentiated from the PowerMacs. For one, the iMac will be a single processor G5. It'll also lag behind the PowerMacs memory-wise. Although it'll be 64bit capable, the memory of the iMac won't exceed 2 GB (unless someone comes up with a 2 GB brick to fill each of the new iMac's slots). Still: The iMac G5 will crush the old G4 one in every area. Just don't expect it to be a better PowerMac. (We've heard such requests in our mailboxes...)

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OmniWeb 5.0 released!

I was lucky enough to be among alpha and beta testers of OW5, and it's one great browser. My new default for now, anyway. You'll find a digicam picture of the box here on (the picture also shows an old NeXT or OpenStep version of OW in the background) and, of course, the release at OmniGroup's site.

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