news of 2004-08-16

Tablet, no/yes?

Once in a while, enters the Macintosh rumour market with quite wild things. This time, they foresee the long-awaited Apple tablet computer as you've certainly read by now (I was away for the weekend, so I've just read it...).
With AppleExpo Paris and the recovered Steve Jobs' return only two weeks away, the 'rumour round' seemingly has opened.

The new iMacs quite certainly will make their debut at AppleExpo (17 and 20 inch models only, according to ThinkSecret), but whether we'll see this tablet computer remains unclear. MOSR simply combines these two rumours and muses whether the new iMac could simply be that tablet computer, but we don't go for that, do we.
Our own sources still have only little info on the iMacs, but the tablet computer rumour is a complete unknown among them. Which doesn't mean it couldn't be...

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-08-16 at 10:43 CET ]
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