news of 2004-08-19

BusinessWeek Apology (iPod mini)

BW's Alex Salkever has written a column to apologise for his early criticism on a possible iPod mini success. He's still criticising it a bit, but he now has apologised openly. ;-)

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Apple replaces burning 15" PB batteries

"The recalled batteries have the Model Number: A1045 and serial numbers that begin with: HQ404, HQ405, HQ406, HQ407, or HQ408. Batteries with the affected serial numbers contain cells that were manufactured by LG Chem, Ltd. of South Korea during the last week of December 2003 only. " Read more details here at Sadly, mine isn't part of that model number. I love to get free replacements. ;-)

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newertech's RoadTrip

... offers FM transmitting from iPod in a car for 19.99 USD. However: iTrip is certainly the better solution, as RoadTrip only uses _one_ frequency (so you're done if a local station uses that one, too) and takes power from the cigarette lighter, so you can't use that to charge your iPod at the same time. Here's the shop for RoadTrip. iTrip may be 35 USD, but those 15 USD plus are probably a good investment. Go here for more info on iTrip.

Funnily enough, Griffin Technology, the maker of iTrip, also offers a 'RoadTrip' product starting in September: An FM transmitter and combined charger for iPod & iPod mini... Griffin's RoadTrip can also be connected to your Mac and be used to 'stream' your Mac's sound to any FM receiver nearby. For 80 USD, that's quite something... And the longer I think about these products and that the item starting this article was newertech's RoadTrip, I think I should rather just have talked about Griffin's stuff. ;-)

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Coradine's LogTen 2.0 released

This might be only for a really small fraction of my readers, but I thought I'll still mention it shortly: LogTen is a professional logbook solution for pilots. It's the only such solution built for Mac OS X, and from what I read, it uses Apple's APIs very well. Searching your logs for info is easy and the app even has that smart search saving feature known from iTunes or Tiger.

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