news of 2004-08-20

ServerWatch about Panther Server (10.3.5)

Quoting the summary: We suspect most organization considering a Panther migration are weighing Mac OS X Server alongside Linux servers. One consultant with whom we spoke said he sees Apple's mix of proprietary and open as fortuitous. "If keeping the GUI proprietary fosters speed of development, I'm happy with that," he said, adding, "I think it's telling that some of the open-source desktops are copying the Apple 'look-and-feel,' which is superior to anything else out there."

A nice article by Ben Freeman. He has made one error: Macs don't run on POWER processors, they run on PowerPC processors. And Mac OS X Server doesn't run on POWER or PowerPC processors, it runs on Macs. Other than that, he's done a good job. ;-) Worth the read...

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