news of 2004-08-23

Lack of Tiger news and its effects...

Since showing Tiger to developers at WWDC 2004, Apple has only released one newer build through Software Update (150K update). While development has been quite fast behind closed doors (as we've reported here, Apple's well in the 8A2xx builds...), rumour sites have not acquired much new information about the next big release of Mac OS X.

This lack of news sometimes has strange effects. ThinkSecret is updating their reports by simply telling readers more about the long-released WWDC build, we ourselves have told you about Fast Logout & Autosave on the 14th of July and AppleInsider repeated what we said about Fast Logout and Autosave on 11th of August.
The latest rumour from AppleInsider mentions resolution independency, a feature that has long been requested along with higher resolution displays. After digging a LOT (we first didn't find any reference to it), we have to admit that this feature _will_ be part of Tiger. Apple says: "In future release of Mac OS X we expect this parameter to be settable by the user the same way a user can today go to the Displays Preferences Panel to change the screen resolution." In Tiger, however, this will not be a user-level feature and will only be available to developers.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-08-23 at 23:30 CET ]
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